transformational yoga and doula services to support you on your personal path


Rebirth Yoga Services:
Individualized care is the goal of Rebirth Yoga. All are welcome to participate from those new to yoga to those that desire to strengthen the connection to their practice through small group and one-on-one sessions. In order to achieve personal transformation, each practice will challenge the individual to explore and grow along their yogic path through movement, breath, and meditation. Each student will receive a one-on-one personal consultation before their first class to assess their current life state and develop areas of opportunity for growth. Further one-on-one consultation is available at any time through a variety of class and package options. Options and advice to enhance at home practice will be regularly provided. I will support you on your journey to a personal rebirth.


Rebirth Yoga HAS LAUNCHED! In collaboration with Formative Fitness, classes will initially be offered in a small group virtual setting, and later with a small group of in-person studio attendees.

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Rebirth Doula Services:
A supported transition to new parenthood (and multiples!) is the goal of Rebirth Doula. The care begins with an in-home prenatal consultation to learn more about one another and to provide assurance for any pre-baby jitters. Once the baby arrives, my role is to come alongside families, to educate them and promote peace-of-mind. I will also lighten the day-to-day load by assisting with household and babycentric functions to allow the parents more time to bond with their baby. My primary concern is to help each family to feel empowered and confident in this important and sacred transformational period.

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About The Provider:



I am most passionate about inspiring positive transformation in others. Over the years, I have worn many career caps, volunteered for countless non-profits and travelled across the world. I have also wadded through the personal struggles of divorce, eating disorder, sickness and loss. I celebrate all of these experiences with a deep gratitude for the opportunities that they have provided for personal reflection, growth and inspiration. The most influential transition thus far came with the birth of my baby girl. Over the course of her first three years, I experienced a complete rebirth of mindbody through the changes it inspired in my perspective, habits and goals. The transition to parenthood has given my life enhanced meaning, but it is a gift that I fought for against the challenges of breastfeeding struggles, sleepless nights, and crippling self-doubt. I want to support others in realizing the beauty in the transition to parenthood and in embracing the light in all changes of course on the life path. With the goal of supporting individuals and families to achieve positive, transformational growth, I received formal education in yoga instruction and postpartum doula support. As a lifelong learner, I will continue to seek educational opportunities to support the needs of my clients- mind, body and soul. All personal change can be positive with the right tools, support and perspective. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, experience and light with the community, country and globe.
I am also a Michigander, hiker, runner, biker, kayaker, skier, skater, tennis player- who also finds joy in the less active pleasures of reading, meditating and vegan cooking.